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Buy or Lease

Are you ready for a new truck? Are you having trouble deciding whether you want to buy or lease your truck? It can be a difficult decision and you should know all the facts before you decide what route to take.

Leasing a Truck

Leasing a truck is like renting a truck. You will pay a monthly rate to use the car for a certain amount of time, usually three years or 36 months. The benefit of leasing a truck is that your monthly payments will most likely be lower than monthly payments you would be making if you had take out an auto loan. There are a few drawbacks to leasing a truck however, they include:

  • Mileage restrictions: You may be restricted to only a certain amount of miles during your lease term. If you go over this amount you will have to pay an additional fee.
  • Car upkeep: The dealer is going to expect a certain standard when you return your car. This means that if your car is not in the best shape, you could be paying hefty fees.
  • No ownership: When your lease is up you return the car, and you have nothing of value to show for your years of ownership.

Buying a Truck

Buying a truck is going to cost you more month to month, but it could save you more in the long run. You won't have to worry about the dealership or paying annoying restriction fees. Plus, if you get attached to the car you won't have to say goodbye to it after a few years because you own it. The best part of owning a truck is the fact that when your loan payments are up, you still get to keep your truck! You basically have a free truck! You also have a nice bargaining chip when you go to buy a new truck, you can use the value of your old truck to help you pay for your new one.

Buying is the best option if you want the most bang for your buck. So go buy that brand new truck today! Get a truck loan with help from Finance My Truck!